Revival & Evolution – the new European Young Rewilders

29 November 2022
Safari tour operator Rudi Katic at Velebit Photo Safaris, Paklenica National Park, Velebit Nature Park, Rewilding Europe rewilding area, Velebit mountains, Croatia
Staffan Widstrand / Rewilding Europe

Those of you who have been following Rewilding Europe for some time may be aware that a Young Rewilders community was launched in the summer of 2021. Some of you were already members and received newsletters. 

So, what is new?

Young and future generations are increasingly knowledgeable and passionate about nature, conservation, and rewilding. We now have a historic opportunity to really engage and empower Generation Rewilding and by harnessing the skills, creativity, and passion of European youth, we can take rewilding to the next level.

That is where the European Young Rewilders (EYR) comes in. After weeks of restructuring and work, the team is happy to present the evolution of the Young Rewilders Community. As part of Rewilding Europe’s Strategy to upscale rewilding in Europe, the mission of the European Young Rewilders is to support such upscaling by engaging young rewilding professionals and enthusiasts to become active players and leaders in the rewilding movement.

Members of the EYR network will have access to rewilding resources, (online) events, opportunities to showcase their work and projects as well as engage in rewilding activities, and support from other network members. In this exchange lies the potential to create change. Individually, we can make a difference. But when we come together and join forces, we can create real change. Become a member here!

We are ready for this change. We are ready to change the system and live in a different world, a wilder world. A world that is prosperous – not only for us, but for all the species that inhabit it. A world full of biodiverse fauna, flora, and funga. A world with more space for nature and natural processes. One where humans coexist with and give back to nature instead of exploiting it. A healthy global ecosystem that is able to sustain the futures of the generation that come after us.

The change starts here, on our European home soils, with us. Together.

(Written by Amy Forster)