Become a Rewilder

Neil Aldridge

Become a Rewilder

How do you get involved in rewilding?

What does it mean to be a rewilder?

Good news: Everyone can be a rewilder!

You do not need to have a background in ecology, you can contribute as a lawyer, communicator, tourist operator, artist or from many other sectors.

If you are a conservationist, you do not need to work in an organisation or a job position that is labelled as “rewilding” organisation. If you are applying the rewilding mindset and the rewilding principles, if you are working in restoring ecological processes in order to reduce human management  – then you are working in rewilding.

Find below some practical tools to draw inspiration from.

Rewilding Toolkit
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Get inspired by young rewilders applying rewilding in their lives!

Georg Messerer 

29 – Germany
Wilderness Guide & Tracker



David Satori 

28 – UK


Antoine Scherer

30 – Finland
PhD Candidate & Field Ecologist 


Lisa Sánchez Aguilar

35 – the Netherlands
PhD Candidate & Illustrator

Noah Bennett & Jack Durant

25 & 27 – UK
Chief Technical Officer & Co-Founder



Hanna Rasper

29 – Italy


Søren Thomsen

25 – Denmark
Advisor and Planning

Sjælegård Countryside Lodge

Flavio Basilico

24 – Italy
Natural Sciences student

Hedda Werres

26 – Portugal
Co-founder and Head of Rewilding

Sylvester Rewilding

João Almeida

27  – Portugal
Content Creator

IG @joaoalmeidawild

Alana Scott

23  – UK
Executive Director at Kernow Conservation


Oliver Dauert

32  – France
Founder – Wildya

Watch our webinar on Youth-led small-scale rewilding in Europe: