What we do

Nicolaas Joosten

What we do

We want to create a wilder Europe by uniting young rewilding professionals and enthusiasts.

Through the creation of a network that provides members with tools, we will empower young Europeans to become active players in the rewilding movement.

We aim to:

Tegan Mierle | Unsplash

Share and Connect

Young people across Europe are increasingly interested in rewilding and independently provide their contribution to the discussion around the topic. At the same time, we know that wanting to help the environment can sometimes feel like a difficult and lonely task.

That is why we want people to feel like they are part of a community of likeminded people who all want to work towards the same goal and have the support of others who just like them want to work with and scale up rewilding. We provide young rewilders with a platform that facilitates capacity-building, as well as the sharing of experiences and knowledge on rewilding.


Bruno D Amicis | Rewilding Europe

Support Action

We want to empower young professionals and enthusiasts to become active players in the rewilding movement. We want to see more and more young people engaged in rewilding-related activities and actions across Europe, within and beyond Rewilding Europe’s landscapes.

Rewilding actions can take many forms, and may depend on your background, skills and experiences. We want to empower every young person that wants to be part of the movement, according to their personal interests and capabilities.


Bruno D Amicis / Rewilding Europe

Educate, Inform and Facilitate

A central aim of our community is to promote rewilding by sharing knowledge. We believe it is crucial to promote and make the concept of rewilding mainstream so that more people can learn about its importance for the well-being of both nature and humans.

Our ambition is to allow young rewilders to be independent and autonomous in adopting and applying rewilding models and methodologies. To do so, we try to aid young rewilders and early professionals across various sectors in finding opportunities to work in rewilding.

We need every motivated young rewilder onboard, including those from outside conservation-focused career or study paths!


Hans Koster | Rewilding Europe

Represent and Advocate

We want to reach and engage young people from every European country, including those where rewilding is not yet well known or not seen as a legitimate conservation tool.

Our mandate includes giving space to and amplifying both the voice and perspective of young people on rewilding. It also includes facilitating meaningful youth inclusion in decision-making and increasing awareness of the role of youth and activism in the field of rewilding.

“Young people are notonly children, or future inhabitants of this planet. When we speak about young rewilders, we are referring to young professionals who are living in the present and want to see Europe wilder, now.”

Giulia Testa
Coordinator of the European Young Rewilders