Our Team

Have a look at the team of young rewilders that is actively contributing to the functioning of the EYR!

Giulia Testa 


Aleksandrina Mitseva 

Youth Member of Rewilding Europe Supervisory Board

Hannah Pepe 

Communication Coordinator

Felix David 


Noa van Mulken


Fedra Herman


Flavia Mondini


Amy Forster


Georg Messerer


Giulia Variara


Alexander Collins


Our story

Laurien Holtjer

We are a network of young professionals and enthusiasts, which aims to connect people across Europe and help them get involved with rewilding.

Our story began in 2019, when Aleksandrina Mitseva was appointed as Rewilding Europe’s youngest Supervisory Board member. Her role was created to accommodate the huge interest of young people in the work of Rewilding Europe. She, together with five other inspired young individuals and the communication team of Rewilding Europe, envisioned the creation of a community for young people that would help connect, engage and educate young individuals interested in rewilding. This led to the creation of the Young Rewilders Community.

In 2022, the Young Rewilders Community was restructured and, led by the new coordinator Giulia Testa, became the European Young Rewilders network. Thanks to the support of an amazing team of volunteers, the EYR network is now striving to connect, empower, and engage young bewilders around Europe.


Our relationship with Rewilding Europe







Rewilding Europe plays an important role in the existence and success of our network. Rewilding Europe’s desire is to empower the young generation and future rewilders. They support, facilitate and guide us as we grow. We work closely with them to create a functional partnership based on exchanging expertise and help.

We share their vision of rewilding and their goal of making Europe a wilder place, which we will help to achieve by empowering and uniting young professionals and enthusiasts.