Contribute your skills

Arthur de Bruin

Contribute your skills

We want to give visibility to the work of young rewilders out there. If you like to take pictures, you can send your photos to be featured in our channel. If you like to write, you can submit your articles for our blog or your publications for the young rewilders knowledge hub. Or, in altenrative, you could organize a workshop!

So, if you are already a member, keep reading!


Become a member

Get your photos featured

Are you a professional wildlife photographer or you just enjoy taking professional nature shots?

Graphics and visuals are vital to show the beauty of rewilding, this is why we make sure to have pictures in all the content we make. Instead of outsourcing them, we have now decided to open the contributions from the EYR members, giving visibility to the young photographers in our network.

If you have taken professional, high-quality pictures and want to see them featured (with credits) on our posts, please send us in a WeTransfer link a maximum of 5 photos with the following info:

  • your name and/or your page name, with the IG/FB account you want to be tagged as credits in the WeTransfer message;
  • subject and location in the name of the picture.

We look forward to see your shots and will use them when relevant for our content!


Submit an article for our blog

Are you a keen writer and looking to share your opinions & insights on rewilding?

The rewilding movement is continuously being molded by discourse and new ideas. It is imperative that amongst the many voices, the youth be heard loud and clear. Therefore, the EYR Blog is a platform for members to share informally their views, experience, and knowledge.
Any member may contribute an article on a topic related to rewilding by submitting a request to us, with the following info:
  • your name, title/profession & nationality
  • title of the article
  • brief summary of the article (max 200 words)
Phil Mynott

It is crucial that any article conforms to the following guidelines:

  • Subject matter must be related or relevant to rewilding;
  • Factual articles must be referenced, cited and based on legitimate sources (i.e., no pseudoscience or fake news)
  • Articles can be on personal opinions and experiences, but this should be transparent to readers and may not be presented as fact
  • All images used must be copyright free or suitably attributed
  • Must not contain violent or offensive content
  • Must not exceed 5,000 words in length (Not including references)
  • Is written in profiencient English

Add your work to the Young Rewilders Knowledge Hub

Have you written a thesis, an article or produced any other content on rewilding?

The Young Rewilders Knowledge Hub gathers the rewilding-focused academic and scientific content produced by the European Young Rewilders. This include theses and dissertations, publications and other research material, as well as audio-visual content.

If you would like to have your work to be featured here, please send us the following:

  • Title;
  • Author(s);
  • Link or file.

Organise a workshop of your interest for the other members

Do you have a particular rewilding-related knowledge or skill that- you want to share with the other young rewilders?

One of our goals is to encourage experience sharing and facilitate capacity-building. There is so much to explore around rewilding and as young professionists we are playing a vital role in shaping the movement.
Therefore we welcome anyone that wants to hold a short online workshop for the EYR members.
Send us your proposal and we will get back to you to support the logistics! Minimum lenght of workshops should be 45 minutes.