Wildlife Comebacks in Cultural Landscapes: a Controversial Issue

27 November 2023  |  Blog

Due to conservation efforts, wildlife is returning to Europe, and this is clearly challenging our current way of living and thinking about nature and our place in it. We are not used to seeing a wolf in our backyard or walking across the street. We have forgotten that wolves are an essential part of European ecosystems due to nature amnesia.

A Rewilding Answer to the Bracken Question

9 October 2023  |  Blog

Dense bracken groves suppress ground vegetation, hinder biodiversity, and release toxins, posing a challenge for nature managers. Traditional approaches to control bracken growth have involved manual cutting and the use of the herbicide “Asulam.” However, recent trends have shifted away from artificial interventions and toward the restoration of natural processes. This raises the question: is there a rewilding-based solution to address the issues associated with bracken?

Nature Amnesia and Shifting Baselines

25 July 2023  |  Blog

This article is written by Fedra Herman, the author of The Wandering Biologist Blog. Fedra is a Belgian MSc of Conservation Biology graduate from The University of Queensland, passionate about … Continued